Business and Commercial Litigation

We handle Business and Commercial Litigation. We deal with commercial and trade disputes. We help our clients with corporate disputes, such as shareholder litigation, corporate control contests, suits to pierce the veil, and labor management disputes.

We handle creditor bankruptcy litigation, file objections to confirmation of plan filings, and have succeeded in adversary litigation to deny discharge. In one case, a defendant filed bankruptcy the day before trial. We pursued fraud claims against the debtor in an adversary proceeding, and after trial before the bankruptcy court, secured a denial of discharge and a judgment of $150,000 which was upheld on appeal. We filed that judgment in the debtor’s country of residence and foreclosed on the equity on behalf of our client.

We handle probate litigation as well. We have been referred matters a number of times to defend decedent estates from probate claims, including going through full probate trial and appeal.

We think outside of the box to provide solutions to our business clients. From suits over interstate timber swindles, to claims against the U.S. Postal Service for negligent inspection of mailboxes, and challenges to local zoning which effect interstate motor carrier commerce, we provide options to our clients outside the traditional legal mind set.


(not necessarily while at the firm)(cases listed are not a representation of any guarantee or expectation)

LawCapital Enterprises v. Johnson (Clark County, Washington)
Representing employer against former employee in a noncompetition and misappropriation of trade secrets case.

The Pediment Group v. Slaney (Clark County, Washington)
Commercial media publishing litigation.

Dolan v. Oramac, Inc. (Clark County, Washington)
Business dissolution and oppressed shareholder litigation.

Oram v. Dolan (Clark County, Washington)
Shareholder litgation and business dissolution.

Bamburgh Marrsh LLC v. Veritest International (Clark County, Washington)
Representing patent owner licensor against licensee in a breach of technology licensing agreement.

Summit-USA v. Promens et al. (USDC WDW)
Representing commercial slide manufacturer against a plastics part supplier in a breach of contract et al. case.

MEI LLC v. IAT and Martinez v. Tice (USDC DOR)
Representing third party in a trade secrets misappropropriation and copyright infringement case.

Hendricks v. Estate of Dison (Clark County, Washington)
Defending estate of decedent from probate claims. After trial we succeeded in having dismissed the plaintiff’s claims and got an award of attorneys fees for the estate.

In re Hendricks (USDC DOR Bankruptcy Court)
We pursued the judgment of the Estate of Dison against the debtor, objecting to plan confirmation.

Hight v. Lyle Merritt (Clark County, Washington)
We represented homeowners in defective construction case against a contractor. The contractor filed bankruptcy right before trial.

In re Lyle Merritt (USDC WDW Bankruptcy Court)
We opposed the bankruptcy of Lyle Merritt and after trial in an adversary proceeding, received denial of discharge and our clients were awarded a judgment of $150,000, later upheld on appeal.

Bamburgh Marrsh LLC v. Wickstead (Clark County, WA)
Ownership of intellectual property and disputed claims

Hambleton Bros. Lumber Co. v. Balkin Ent.(USDC DO)
Suit for breach of contract in interstate logging deal.

Hambleton Bros. Lumber Co. v. Jamestown Resources(Clark County, WA)
Suit for breach of logging contract.

Floor Covering Unions v. Studer (USDC DO)
Successful defense of suit against shareholder by unions to pierce corporate veil.

Proctor v. J.C. Reeves Company (Clark County, WA)
Suit for breach of contract seeking $49,000. One day trail, verdict $49,000.