Our Copyright Practice covers all aspects of copyright registration and enforcement. International law provides protection to artists and authors to prevent others from copying works set down in a tangible media. In the United States, for a U.S. citizen to receive damages for copyright infringement, the work must be registered with theĀ Library of Congress Copyright Office. The computer and the internet have fundamentally altered the limits of copyright protection, allowing copyright registration in the areas of software, databases, and websites, as well as in traditional areas such as literature, arts, and music, among others.

Our practice aims at securing the greatest protection for our clients property, regardless of the medium and form that it takes. Our practice includes accelerated applications for special handling when known infringers exist. Representation also includes registration of copyrights for software programs that may be submitted concurrently with patent applications directed to software inventions to provide the greatest breadth of protection.

We have conducted suits for copyright infringement against numerous defendants, including the United States and private corporations, covering numerous areas of original expressions, such as paintings, software (structure, interactivity, and graphics), among others.