The Firm’s Patent Practice includes the handling of utility and design patents. We prepare and prosecute patent applications domestically and internationally. See patent flow chart>> Our patent prosecution practice covers a broad range of industries. We cover a variety of arts that include the electrical, computer, software (including smartphone an tablet apps), connected devices, mobile technology, wireless, chemical, manufacturing and material sciences, among others. We have prepared and prosecuted applications for patents in areas such as mechanical objects, software applications, mobile device applications, computer processing and circuits, quality assurance procedures, manufacturing methods, chemical objects and processes, chemical compositions, board games, explosive devices, motor vehicle apparatuses, medical and dental instruments, and gear activated devices, among others.  See our industries covered>> 

Our skills in patent prosecution are tempered by trial experience. Having stood before juries, we recognize the need for a readable patent. We understand the difficulty of drafting patent applications over complicated arts with claims that can be understood by the typical juror. We know that if the jury doesn’t understand your invention and can’t read your claims, your patent value decreases.

We identify the core of your invention, and we protect it. We help clients develop and execute patent strategies, from the preparation and filing of patent applications to appeal, reexamination, reissue and interference. We provide freedom-to-operate opinions, non-infringement and invalidity opinions, intellectual property due diligence, and support for mergers and acquisitions. We counsel clients on how to exploit their patent assets, including negotiating and drafting licenses and other contracts. We handle an array of patent needs.

Our attorneys help clients obtain, maintain, and enforce patents. Additionally, we assist clients with patent prosecution and enforcement strategy, portfolio management, and evaluation of a competitor’s patent position.