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Rylander, Stealth Expert Intellectual Property Today (December 2008)
Rylander, Inconceivable!, Vancouver Business Journal (2013)
Rylander, Patents on a Purse String, Vancouver Business Journal (2012)
Rylander, Common Product Development Mistakes, Vancouver Business Journal (2012)
Rylander, Innovation Financing Security, Vancouver Business Journal (2011)
Beatty,  Innovation: A Lawyer’s Perspective, Vancouver Business Journal (2011)
Rylander, Inventors’ Rights Act of 1999 Gives Inventors New Weapon, WSTLA Trial News
Rylander, Protecting Your Invention, Vancouver Business Journal
Rylander, Saving a Disappearing Exemption to CERCLA Liability, New York University Environmental Law Journal
Rylander, Scanwell Plus: Challenging Federal Grant and Cooperative Agreement Awards, ABA Public Contract Law Journal

Documents-Court Decisions and Rulings

Court Opinion,  Campbell Pet Company v. Miale _ F.3d _ (Fed. Cir. _ 2008)
Court Opinion, Proven Winners v. Wosepka, (USDC MD FL)
Court Opinion,  Hendricks v. Dison, (Wash. Court of Appeals Div II)
Court Opinion,  Custom Auto Interior v. Custom RV Interior, (Wash. Court of Appeals Div II)



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