Government Litigation

We represent government contractors and handle all aspects of public contract representation, including bid protests of contract awards, monetary claims and requests for equitable adjustments for breaches, changes, terminations, differing site conditions, and delays, among other things. We represent contractors before Federal boards of contract appeals, the U.S. Court of Federal Claims, the General Accounting Office and in Federal District Courts.

We handle suits against government agencies and officers for tortious conduct, unfair business practices, review of administrative regulations and actions, and constitutional issues, taking advantage of special exceptions to the doctrine of sovereign immunity, which normally provides protection to the government from lawsuits.

We also handle the specialized area of intellectual property suits against the government in the U.S. Court of Federal Claims, which is the venue for patent and copyright infringement actions against Federal agencies. We are at the forefront of suits against the Government, and taking advantage of split in circuit authority, have secured favorable relief by suing Federal agencies in Federal district courts for unfair competition under the Lanham Act.


(not necessarily while at the firm) (cases listed are not a representation of any guarantee or expectation)

Gaudet Sheet Metal v. United States (USDC WDW)
Negligent inspection and unfair competition suit against Postal Service.

Blueport Company v. United States (US CFC)
Copyright infringement suit against the US Air Force.

Koches v. United States(USDC WDW)
Federal Tort Claims Act suit against Postal Service

ENSR v. Associated Universities, Inc. (USDC EDNY)
Breach of hazardous waste removal contract at government site. Seven Day Jury Trial, verdict $1.5 Million.

Flink/Vulcan v. United States (US CFC)
Claim under hurricane and earthquake disaster inspection contract against FEMA

In re Totem Electric (ASBCA)
Contract claim against the U.S. Air Force.

In re Balimoy Manufacturing Company (ASBCA)
Claim against U.S. Army for breach of bomb manufacturing contract.

TMC Tech., Inc. v. U.S. Dep’t of Commerce(USDC DC)
Suit to set aside multi-million dollar NOAA grant.

In re American Monitor Corporation (VABCA)
Claim against Department of Veterans Affairs for breach of blood analyzer supply contract.